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(SMM) Social media marketing service India refers to the process of enhancing online website traffic or high attention through social media sites. Social media marketing programs usually center on efforts to create useful content that attracts user attention and encourages online readers to share it with their social networks. An online message spreads from user to user and presumably resonates because it appears to come from a trusted social networking channel, as opposed to the product brand or company itself. Hence, this type of online media marketing is driven by word-of-mouth, meaning it results in earned media rather than paid media.

Social media marketing has become an online platform that is easily accessible to any user with internet access. It's also enhanced the brand awareness and improved customer service. Additionally, we can say that social media serves as a relatively affordable cost free platform for companies to implement their online marketing campaigns.

Over 60% of India's active internet users visit social media websites daily 90% of which fall in the age group of 18-45 years. These middle age group online internet audiences are those who have a high disposable income leading to increased purchasing power parity. It is these facts about social media that is making social media marketing (SMM) and social media optimization (SMO) an integral part of online digital marketing strategies today.

Here at GleamingMedia, our team of professional for SMO services in India builds a process to offers social media marketing and social media optimization services to help the companies to build their brand or product reputation through online social networks and enhance their responses. We cover facebook, twitter, linkedin, blogs, online PR websites, article syndication websites and top class social book marking websites to enhance your web visibility, brand building and responses.

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